Garden: What a difference a year makes!

Before I head out to do a little garden clean up today, I wanted to see what the garden looked like this time last year…but in my wanderings I came across my photos from the first day of spring in 2014.

March-20-Back-&-Side-WEB March-20-Front-&-Side-WEB

Kinda greenish, just a little snow but things starting to warm up and peek through

Backyard-2015-week1-WEB Front-yard-2015-week1-WEB

Aaaand this was the first day of spring this year, 2015.  The year of snowmageddon here in Boston.  Yep, no green to be seen.  It’s finally starting to bloom here and later this weekend, I’m going to dig around for more photos for this time last year as a comparison.

I’m keeping a new garden journal (started last year) for our new house.  My last journal was sketches and words, this time around I’m trying photo collages as well as written descriptions and adding in tags from plants etc.  My format is 5×7 which may be a little small, I may end up going to 6×8, we’ll see how it’s working out.

Nepal dreaming

We all have these travel fantasies, you know the ones…if I had all the time/money/inclination in the world I would love to (fill in the blank with your list).   One of the items on my never-gonna-happen-but-it-would-be-so-cool is a trek to the base camp at Mt. Everest.  It would be the closest that I could ever get, and even just to make that trek would be an amazing achievement!  Over the years I’ve read about Everest expeditions and high altitude climbing, watched documentaries and even attended lectures at the Museum of Science.  So fun to dream isn’t it?

itinerary-headerphoto from NatGeo website

I even have one picked out, from National Geographic naturally…

Imagine how stunningly beautiful it must be up there!!

Except now it looks like this:

_82611160_hi026946977photo from bbc

17 people died at base camp, climbers were stranded at camp 1 and camp 2 and were airlifted by helicopter.  And of course, base camp is by far not the worst of it.  Thousands and thousands more have died all over the country, villages are unreachable, aftershocks continue to roll across the mountains.   The whole thing breaks my heart, such a beautiful country devastated.

Please consider donating to the United Methodist Committee on Relief Nepal.  100% of the funds go directly to disaster relief, administrative funds are covered by the United Methodist Church.  Click on the link below for more news and a link to donate.

What are your secret travel dreams??

Layout a day for Lent complete!!


Tonight I just finished my last layout for my layout a day during lent challenge. I actually made more layouts than I had planned and will post another day on that. 

I’m very happy that I was able to fulfill my goal with only one layout half-done and finished the next day. I’m very happy with doing something positive and creative as a Lenten practice. 

Now, for some sewing!

Happy Easter and Passover everyone… Enjoy your Easter candy!  

Memory Keeping:: Layout Share – First Stick of 2015

Hello everyone!  … I’m still going with my layout-a-day for Lent project… three more to do and the project is done!! I thought I’d share todays layout, I used one of CZ Design’s layouts on top of a 12×12 base and Little Feet Digital Designs  Aure il ague Oregon kit….so glad I remembered it had a stick!! Have a great evening everyone!