Memory Keeping:: Layout Share – Zip!


Stop the presses…two posts in two days!  I know, craziness!  I wanted to share the latest digital layout I’ve done….the SAME DAY of the EVENT!  Complete insanity…



Yup, my family went ziplining/adventure course-ing…see me in that group photo? nope!  See my hubby and kids?  yup!  I was tempted truly but it was a little too high off the ground on some pretty skinny things that would require looking down…while you are suspended in the air.  Yeah, nope….I took in the exhibition on The Wyeths:  America Reflected  (which was fabulous, if you are anywhere near Sandwich, MA-try and get to it, well worth your time) and walked up to the Adventure park just in time to watch everyone swing like monkeys.  Fun to watch and I’m sure even more fun to do.

Kit:  “The Great Outdoors” from  Little Feet Digital Designs.    My dear friend and partner in crime, Janet is so talented, I hope I’m doing her kits justice.  She just opened up a new shop at Pickleberrypop (I know, it’s so much fun to say!)  so if you’re a digi-scrapper, scoot on over there and check out her shop, I know she will be adding new kits asap.

Template:  The Daily Digi’s bonus kit My Life of Happiness / Scrapbook Lady.  If you’re not familiar with TDD, they offer a great subscription plan as well as tons of information on digi-scrapping on their blog.

Thanks for taking a look, more goodies to upload later this week.




Blogging 101: Day 1-A word (or several) about blogging…

Well, I’m slightly late to the party (as per usual). When the WordPress email came regarding the Blogging 101 course, I thought it would be a good way to re-invigorate my blog. Then (as per usual) life and other things got in the way so I am finally starting today, Saturday. Monday So let’s begin shall we?


(yes, this is partly why this post is a week late,  The Beach one of our favorite places)

The first assignment is to introduce yourself to your fellow bloggers (Hi Fellow Bloggers!) since I’ve had this blog since July 27, 2011 (yes, I looked it up, almost four years) and honestly, I’m kinda stuck, because I’m not new to blogging, I just do it extremely infrequently. To help out, the angels at WordPress posted some questions to get us thinking about so I thought….well, what could be easier, let’s just answer those ! (because I’ve been writing this post for days and am fast losing momentum)

Why I started a blog?? *Because it seemed like everyone else had one (I know, I know, bandwagon and all) *Because I wanted a space to share projects I work on primarily, and share little bits of what’s going on in our little corner of this big blue marble hurtling through space *Because a good number of my friends live in far-flung reaches of the world, and it’s nice to have a way to share things with them. *Because I like to write

Why a blog instead of a personal journal? Because, honestly, I’ve tried the journal thing several times and really, I’m just not that good at it. I have never felt the need to write down my deepest darkest thoughts on a regular basis in a book. And really, no one would want to read that on the internet anyway.

What kind of topics do I write about? The same things I’m passionate about in the real-concrete-non-virtual world…. *Creating mostly, all sorts of different things… sewing, memorykeeping, knitting, photography, and any variations and permutations of those topics (that ebbs and flows and lately the energy and time I have for that is taken up with the actual making rather than writing about it). *Farm fresh food and cooking and gardens, I love talking about the farm co-op to which we belong… We are starting to get into the real meat of the season and my thoughts in the late afternoons are pre-occupied with how can I best use up my farm share, and increasingly produce from my garden in the most yummy way possible.    *Our home… because who doesn’t like to check out house before and afters! I’m such a house-gawker.   *Our family adventures near and far (what ? you don’t want to see yet another weekends worth of soccer photos????….need more far and less near I think)  *Our Stories because that is really what it’s all about isn’t it? That is pretty much what we are all sharing her together, no matter what you write about on your blog or post to FB or Instagram or Twitter…it’s all a little bit of your story.

Who do I want to connect with? All sorts of like minded individuals all over the world…that is what makes the internet so darn groovy.

What do I want to accomplish? Well I would like to get into a more regular blogging habit, several times a week vs. several times a year ;-) I have done numerous challenges where I did something every day for a month, mostly successfully. I know I can do it, I just need to make a plan and start. I’m hoping that this class will get me to jump start my blog writing this summer.

And that, in a medium to large sized nutshell is the state of the blog right now. I’m looking forward to the ongoing journey!

may june and now july???

Yes, holy moly yes, it’s July4th!  Happy Birthday America!  My favorite holiday, and before we delve into BBQ preparations and finding the bug spray for the fireworks later tonight, I wanted to share a few of the layouts I’ve been working on during my  blog posting silence (which, you are all quite used to by now ;-) )

I’ve been working on layouts for Little Feet Digital Designs the last few days and wanted to share them with you all.  I love Janet’s vintage inspired designs, and there are always bits that make me say oooh!!!! love that! must do a layout!!!  I’m so thrilled for Janet that in addition to her Panstoria store for .page format kits, she will be part of Pickleberrypop very soon for all of us universal format scrappers!!! Yay Janet, so happy for her!!

Supplies for both of these layouts:  Kit:  Life’s Sweet Temptations / LFDD by Janet Carr  Design/ Template:  STR Designs


Oh my gosh, if you ever go to Portland, OR you must go to Voodoo Donuts.  Best. Donuts. Ever.


And the cupcake queens, Gwen and Marielle after their first “baking camp” at Cambridge Culinary Institute, can’t wait to see what they make this summer!

I’ve been working on the “Family Archives” project with my Dad since last October when we dragged slide trays, the projector and screen and boxes of stuff back to my house from Rochester.  I have plans to start a Family History Album and instead of continued dithering over what form that album should take, I decided to just make a couple of pages.  Fortunately, Grandpa Triggs had organized and annotated some family photos so we know who these people are…from over 100 years ago (!)

Kit for both layouts:  Rooted in the Past by Little Feet Digital Designs


Template:  Flight Plan #2 / One Little Bird Designs


Design/Template:  STR Designs

Thanks for stopping by!  And on to celebrating the 4th!!

Garden: What a difference a year makes!

Before I head out to do a little garden clean up today, I wanted to see what the garden looked like this time last year…but in my wanderings I came across my photos from the first day of spring in 2014.

March-20-Back-&-Side-WEB March-20-Front-&-Side-WEB

Kinda greenish, just a little snow but things starting to warm up and peek through

Backyard-2015-week1-WEB Front-yard-2015-week1-WEB

Aaaand this was the first day of spring this year, 2015.  The year of snowmageddon here in Boston.  Yep, no green to be seen.  It’s finally starting to bloom here and later this weekend, I’m going to dig around for more photos for this time last year as a comparison.

I’m keeping a new garden journal (started last year) for our new house.  My last journal was sketches and words, this time around I’m trying photo collages as well as written descriptions and adding in tags from plants etc.  My format is 5×7 which may be a little small, I may end up going to 6×8, we’ll see how it’s working out.