Reads: Update

In an effort to tidy up, I’ve collected the big pile of books I’ve read off of the bedroom floor to re-locate them to the Living Room bookshelves or the library basket or to pass along  Before I sent them to their various homes, I wanted to update my “Reads 2014″ page.  Alas…I have read a number of library books the last six months and not.written.them.down.  This will only add to the fun of re-discovering them when I get 50 pages in and start to recognize the story as being very familiar … hmmmmmm

So, this is a partial list, the rest lost to the mists.  I’m currently re-aquainting myself with Claire and Jamie and the world of Outlander with Diana Gabaldon’s newest tome  “Written in my Own Heart’s Blood”  *sigh*.    Have just discovered she has written some novellas that I will have to check out, and of course there is the new series on TV to look forward to…fingers crossed people, fingers crossed!

Digi-layouts:: Layout Share

In addition to cleaning up my physical studio yesterday (hellooooo clean surfaces, and unearthing my pens!) this morning, I am straightening up my hard drives  (yes, I know, can you feeeeeel the excitement?!)  and thought I’d share some layouts that I’ve been working on for my Creative Team work over at  Little Feet Digital Designs .  Janet has been super busy releasing beautiful kits this summer, here are some of her newest kits, credits below the layouts.  Link to Little Feet Digital Designs Shop HERE






















Works of Art  

Kit:  Designer Essentials Series 1:Stained  & Stained (Mini-kit:  Era)     Template:  Template Blends:  (Series #1) .





















Anticipation/Summer Fun

Background paper:  April Showers Bring May Flowers Kit-Paper 1    Green journal tag paper: Summer in Bloom Paper 1      Template:   Anatomy of a Page (Template set 1) – Template #1.  Frame:  Up-Lifting Frames 1,  Frame #2   Word art:  Anticipation kit  Summer Fun Sticker:  LFDD FreebieCollab with Katie Pertiet – Summers Here





















The Cure

Kit:  A Little Art Therapy    no template, my own page design.





















Easter Photo Shoot

Kit:  April Showers Bring May Flowers &  April Showers Bring May Flowers (addition kit)  Template….can’t remember where !





















Spencer Douglas Roe (Yay he graduated!!!!!)

Kit:  A Graduate and A Scholar   Template:  BPC Class-Sketch Solutions, template free with class (!)

Now… Desk is cleared to document more memories!!   Would love to see what you’ve been up to, please link to your own memory keeping projects!



studio: and the cleanup commences…

I don’t know about you, but summertime around here is slightly less hurried (no school or  after school sports schedules), (supposedly) more time outdoors, longer days, beautiful New England weather and the promise of long days lazing in the warm summer sun at the beach or under a tree with a book.


We love summer here in our house and it is less crazy than usual.  I strive for a balance of activity and inactivity with the girls, weeks of camp interspersed with weeks of “nothing”.   As I walked into my studio today…I realized that while I think the girls schedule is more relaxed… Charlie is still working hard, and there is still a household to run, and kids to manage.  Which lead me to this …


yup…the dump it in the studio and close the door so the cat can’t get in.  So this morning, while the girls and their friends are still sleeping in from a late night sleepover…I will attempt to clear the chaos.  2 1/2 weeks until the big trip and I have some sewing to do and memory keeping to catch up on before we leave.

Cursory examination of the war zone has unearthed…  7 items in need of ironing, 1 pr of shorts in need of a button, 1 long finished knitting project in need of blocking, several piles of memorabilia and stuff to go through and organize into our Project Life book (still have to edit and print photos too),  magazines to be relocated, several pieces of luggage to go into the attic, cameras and phones to be downloaded and backed up, garden journal to be updated, supplies to be put away, a giant box of 700+ photos to be put away (note to self…buy more photo albums on amazon) 2 pillow covers to be sewn up and be stuffed with forms (8 seams!  that’s all it is!)  fabric for outfits I want to make before our trip to be found and pre washed in preparation for sewing, and  a table to be cleared

…I think I need a cup of tea and a shower

How’s summer going in your part of the world?  Any giant crazy messes to tackle?


Digi-layouts::Porch Sitters


This morning I did not check the gym schedule in time and at 8:50 realized the usual 9:30 am fitness yoga class … was happening at 8:30!  So what’s a girl to to but finish the layout she’s working on (I’ll stretch later…)



I’m working my way through classes at Big Picture Classes this summer.  One of the latest ones I took was about using sketches to speed up your scrapbooking.  I do use sketches sometimes for inspiration for paper layouts…but I definitely use templates, which are the digital equivalent of sketches, when I am scrapbooking digitally.   The task I set myself this morning was… use a template #1 rotated from the Sketch Solutions class…use one kit from July’s Digi Game and make the whole thing in under an hour…without extra fussing!!!

Done !!

Template:  BPC Sketch Solutions Class #1

Kit:  Eternally by Simplement Scrap by Ange Designs  The Digi Files #65

Alpha:  Just Jaimee June 2014 Storyteller kit by Just Jaimee

Digi-layouts:: Catching up

Whew!  Where does time go?  I have no idea…if you find out, let me know!!   We have been absorbed in end of school / end of soccer season / gardening and getting into summer and I have more and more things stacked up to share on the blog, so let’s get started.Stars-&-Stripes-Forever-2002-WEB

I’ve been doing a little scrapbooking lately and catching up with goodies from  Little Feet Digital Designs .   This is one of my favorite photos of me and the girls, from their first 4th of July waaaaay back in 2002…think they’d wear handmade matching patriotic dresses (with coordinating bloomers) for the festivities tomorrow?  Me neither…    Kit:  America God Bless by Little Feet Digital Designs  Template:  my own design.    Janet also has a swoon worthy offering that I am going to work with next….PV VC S

I love love love these vintage images!!  Scrapbook page?  Print out the cards on heavy card stock and hang as a garland?  Print out and use as labels as tags for summer potluck dishes?   hmmm….maybe all of the above!

Next up… A layout for my Dad’s visit in February…it occurred to me that I have not included many other family members in my layouts, although I have the photos (some better than others!).  Little Feet Digital Designs  Father’s Day kit provided me with the inspiration for this page


Kit:  King of my Heart  by Little Feet Digital Designs  Masks:  Carina Gardner (can’t remember which ones)  Template:  my own design.

My final layout share today is the layout that finishes up a class I took and LOVED at Big Picture Classes called Stashbusters Anonymous… super great ideas on how to use up your stash…both paper and digital.  The assignment was to use multiple stamps and different color inks in a layout.  I decided to do this layout digitally using digital stamps and recoloring each one.  I’m really happy with the layout and super happy that I FINISHED a class!!  I also applied this one toward the “Inspired Scrapbooking”  year-long class that I’m taking at BPC with Stacy Julian.  Absolutely a fabulous class!!


One of the great things about the Stashbusters class was there was a digital template for each challenge…added bonus!  I used the template for the class, and Just Jaimee’s June 2014 Storyteller kit (love her stuff! )  with some elements from Jaimee’s other storyteller kits tossed in for fun.  If you’re a digi-scrapper Just Jaimee’s kits are fabulous, and you can sign up for her email list and get super duper pricing on her kits.  Totally worth it!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work!  I love memory keeping and sharing our stories!  What projects have you been working on?!