Memory Keeping:: Week in the Life 2011

Oh the blog updating fun continues!!  Week in the Life 2011 is uploaded!  Hop over HERE and take a look!


Memory Keeping:: Layout Shares !

I think the turning of the seasons is inspiring me to tidy up…last week the kitchen pantry closet…this week my blog ;-).  I realized that I have not posted any layouts from this year on my blog.  Last Sunday I did a big photo shoot of all memory keeping efforts on paper and I’ve been slowly going through and editing and uploading, so you’ll be seeing posts as I get different sections of the blog/website completed!  Today was Layouts 2014 Jan – Sept…I’ve highlighted one of my faves below but you can see the whole gallery HERE!


Now, go make something!  I have a pot of chili to get on the stove.





















Works of Art  

Kit:  Designer Essentials Series 1:Stained  & Stained (Mini-kit:  Era)     Template:  Template Blends:  (Series #1) .





















Anticipation/Summer Fun

Background paper:  April Showers Bring May Flowers Kit-Paper 1    Green journal tag paper: Summer in Bloom Paper 1      Template:   Anatomy of a Page (Template set 1) – Template #1.  Frame:  Up-Lifting Frames 1,  Frame #2   Word art:  Anticipation kit  Summer Fun Sticker:  LFDD FreebieCollab with Katie Pertiet – Summers Here





















The Cure

Kit:  A Little Art Therapy    no template, my own page design.





















Easter Photo Shoot

Kit:  April Showers Bring May Flowers &  April Showers Bring May Flowers (addition kit)  Template….can’t remember where !





















Spencer Douglas Roe (Yay he graduated!!!!!)

Kit:  A Graduate and A Scholar   Template:  BPC Class-Sketch Solutions, template free with class (!)

Now… Desk is cleared to document more memories!!   Would love to see what you’ve been up to, please link to your own memory keeping projects!



Reads: Update September 2014

As part of my pledge not to buy any more books until the pile on my nightstand is depleted (ha!)  I was successful in finishing off a number of books that were laying around partially read (poor dears).  I’ve updated my “reads 2014” section with all of these reviews so in 3 months I can look them up and say…have I read that????

The Yarn Whisperer:  My unexpected life in knitting / Clara Parkes  (own)  I love this little book…I think she and I lived on the same street in Fairport, NY but at different times.  Really enjoyed her memoir about finding knitting.

Creative Time and Space / Freeman-Zachary (own)  I always like to read about other artists/designers, where and how they work etc…  Super great little book about making space for making art.  Will dip in and out of this again I”m sure

A Million Little Ways / Emily Freeman (own)  I love love love Emily’s writing.  I follow her blog Chatting at the Sky and I really enjoy it, it’s so peaceful.  Good book about creativity and faith and work.  Glad I bought it.

Inside of a Dog / Alexandra Horowitz (gifted)  Since I own a dog now, my Dad thought this would be a useful read.  It’s very interesting and gives a lot of insight into why dogs do what they do.  If you’re a dog owner, pick this one up.  Helped me not feel guilty when my dog goes *sigh* as she puts her head between her paws.

Wild / Cheryl Strayed (own) I enjoy reading adventure books and I used to read backpacking/hiking memoirs all the time back in the day.  This one is very good and I definitely recommend it, even if you are not a hiker.  Not so sure about the movie version though, we’ll see.  Liked the book too much to see it wrecked on the big screen

Written In My Own Hearts Blood / Diana Gabaldon (own) If you have never read/heard of Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” Series….get the to a bookstore or download to your reading device immediately upon finishing reading this post.  Could not wait, jumping up and down for this latest installment of Claire and Jamie.  *sigh*swoon*   Starz series is awesome too but nothing beats the books.  Go. Read. Them. Now.

In the Studio: knitting a Scottish Reel

Last summer I was able to spend a weekend at Squam Art Workshop  (I’m super excited that I went for a whole week this year!).  During the Vendor Faire, I spotted this gor-ge-ous cowl at the Knitspot/BareNakedWools booth.   It looked so complicated, it was beautiful, I even loved the name…Scottish Reel…so romantic!  I thought there was no way I would be able to make it  (note to self:  you know more than you think you do)  It’s even beautiful draped on a mannequin…f55adef2704ab2be80586d968cbfb0d7.image.450x337The lovely gal who helped me was so encouraging…  her:  Can you knit and purl?  me:  yes, definitely   her:  have you ever knit in the round?  me:  of course   her:  then you can make this, it’s only knit and purl   me:  whaaaat??? no way… I’ll take one !

So all last fall and part of the winter, I worked on my Scottish Reel…with this beautiful ghillie yarn (which is fingering weight…very fine!) on size 4 needles (I think the smallest I’ve worked on yet).  I knit watching TV, at friends houses, at karate practice, on airplanes…everywhere! And I finally finished it….this spring…and it’s sat in my studio waiting to be blocked and be ready to wear this fall.   Aaaaand finally….it’s all done!!  So excited to wear this as the cooler weather sets in, I have more yarn leftover to make a smaller version or something else.  It’s so pretty and I will say, hides some of my patterning mistakes quite nicely thank you!  It’s also lightweight and warm and big enough to wrap around twice and still be able to pull part of it up for a hood….love love love.

IMG_6983 IMG_6985

Here is the link to the pattern from Knitspot for the Scottish Reel Cowl  and the beautiful ghillie yarn  or you can buy the whole thing as a kit!

Now, go make something!